COVID-19 Support

Supporting High-Needs Members and Enhancing Connectivity to Caregivers, Providers and Payers

Expanding remote monitoring and telehealth access in the fight against COVID-19

As we all deal with this coronavirus situation, the health and safety of our members, caregivers, and their families are of the utmost importance to us at Vesta Healthcare. That’s why we built a flexible, broadly available mobile app to support high-risk members and caregivers as a COVID-19 response tool. 

With easy onboarding, and mobile availability, caregivers can be connected to the rest of the care team with ease and speed to manage the health and needs of those who need it most.

Vesta Healthcare COVID-19 Support Program

  • Path 357 High-risk, Multi-condition Chronic Care Management programs
  • Path 357 Adaptable messaging from Health Plan, provider and other sources
  • Path 357 Education, warning signs and symptoms based on CDC guidelines
  • Path 357 Digital tools to track adherence and report on urgent and routine alerts
  • Path 357 Validated clinical escalation pathways and interventions
  • Path 357 Mobile app accessible for all members
  • Path 357 24/7 clinical triage support and telehealth access

Be Safe, Stay Home

Social distancing, consistent symptom monitoring, remote health monitoring and proactive care are the best action for high-risk patients. That’s why our healthcare technology responds to a multitude of healthcare needs for everyone, from the comfort and safety of your home.

Key Features

Remote Access for Caregivers and Families

1-Button Click-to-Call Nurse Now, 24/7

Personalized Warning Signs & Symptoms

Relevant Daily Health Report Questions

Coordination of Care with the Entire Care Team

Personal Health Information Security Built In

Download Now!

Our new mobile application is currently available to our members and their caregivers in the iOS Apple Store or the Android Play Store.  To learn if your health plan qualifies, please reach out to our team directly.

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