ARPA FMAP Funding Home and Community Based Services

Vesta Healthcare supports NYS Home Care Agencies Qualifying for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Enhanced Federal Matching Funds

Transform the Long-term Care Workforce and Invest in Achieving Value-Based Payment (VBP) Readiness


Is your agency identifying ways to qualify for and optimize the use of the funding available as part of the NYS American Rescue Plan Act Enhanced Federal Funding to support and enhance Home and Community Based Services? Partnering with Vesta Healthcare provides clear pathways to invest in key categories that align to the strategic goals of these funds:

  • Workforce Recognition & Retention: Vesta identifies opportunities to recognize aides for their commitment to providing high-quality care for your clients and increases aide satisfaction in their jobs.
  • Training: Vesta partners with platforms that deliver Value-Based Care training, and directly with Agency teams to deliver In-Service training opportunities on how to use and engage with Vesta’s technology and programs.
  • Technology: Vesta’s program starts with increasing technology adoption by caregivers, including mobile apps and remote patient monitoring devices. We coordinate with training platforms, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) platforms, and statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) platforms for data. Agencies are not required to pay for Vesta’s technology directly, but ARPA funding can be used for training Aides on how to use the technology or for data integration.
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency: Vesta’s technology and clinical team natively includes Spanish, Chinese, Russian and English and supports an even wider list of languages as needed. Direct support of primary languages for care recipients and caregivers improves engagement, adherence and outcomes.
  • Care Management: Vesta’s programs deliver Medicare-funded Chronic Care and Transitional Care Management. ARPA funds can be used to coordinate with Vesta and improve quality of care for your clients.
  • Preparing for Value-Based Payments: Vesta’s programs enhance your agency’s ability to capture and report on data demonstrating engagement, coordination and quality metrics that drive demonstrable improvement in outcomes and increased success in Value-Based Payment programs.


Partnership with Vesta does not require additional investments or payments to us, allowing you to spend up to 100% of your ARPA FMAP funding on your direct-care workers for enhanced training, continued engagement, and recognition for outcomes. Vesta’s programs have demonstrated 95% caregiver satisfaction, and consistent feedback that Vesta + Agency partnerships improve Aide job satisfaction while meaningfully improving quality of care and health outcomes.

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