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Empowering Caregivers. Enabling World-class Care at Home.

A first-of-its-kind platform driven by three principles:

Connected caregivers

360° patient view

Personalized clinical support

How it works

We have built a care model that equips caregivers with easy-to-use, always-on tools and resources

Know the member and caregiver

Personalized home-based intervention plans

Predictive clinical pathways

Day-to-day care support

Video calls with Vesta providers

Two-way alerts and communication

Active response

Real-time monitoring and review

Care team escalation and intervention

We connect caregivers into an aligned care team.

The Vesta model of care places the caregiver at the center of the care team, enabling a fully unified and informed patient view, home-based intervention plan, and coordinated communications.

Our real-time tools expand the possibilities of at-home care.

We know that at-home care centers around people and the conditions they’re living with. We also know that neither people nor their conditions can be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why our in-home care technology and 24/7 telehealth providers enable caregivers and care recipients with the right tools, clinical support, and real-time insights to improve health outcomes and the daily care experience.

We deliver actionable, clinical insights for proactive care.

Our experienced clinicians review and monitor daily inputs from the at-home caregiver or care recipient and proactively outreach to manage care. With real-time insights, our team provides direct response and support — from reducing anxiety and unnecessary ER visits, to serving as symptom support management to prevent acute health issues.

You’re right on top of everything. It’s a really challenging situation that we have with Mr. O… Families need to be satisfied first and foremost and you guys have gone above and beyond in that respect.

Donna F. Agency Coordinator

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