Health Plans

Keep high-risk and rising-risk members at home with real-time, remote services supported by caregivers

What it means for Payers

We serve as your dedicated strategic and clinical partner for improving quality of life and cost of care through supportive services in the home. Our partnerships with payers are built on achieving six key outcomes.

Increase member satisfaction

Reduce cost
of care

Decrease ER visits and hospitalizations

Improve quality metrics (HEDIS) and gaps in care

Address declining health with early intervention

Alert condition changes to Vesta-trained caregivers

How we do it

We are a provider connected to an ecosystem of home care agencies, fiscal intermediaries, and others to ensure the best care possible at home.

From real-time actions to stabilize symptoms to on-demand patient video assessments, our seasoned teams and collaborative technology come together to serve as a powerful step forward for at-home care – reducing costs and keeping patients where they want to be: at home.

How we partner

We contract directly into payers’ provider networks and become an integral resource for members when at-home care becomes a need. By incorporating our network of home health aides or any caregiver into the care team, we provide greater visibility into the home environment and create an integrated care delivery approach where none exists today. This leads to lower costs and better outcomes for everyone.

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