Supporting Caregivers & Families is Our Passion

Caregivers and Families

We're bringing peace of mind 
to at-home care.

Our team helps people stay in their homes longer by providing members and their caregivers and families with easy to use digital tools and 24/7 support.

What it means for caregivers and families

The Vesta for Caregivers program reduces the stress and hurdles that accompany caring for someone at home. Whether you are a family member serving as the caregiver or are a professional helping with home care and activities of daily living, you deserve a team to provide you with support day-in and day-out.

We offer the foresight and compassion that caregivers and families need to:

Provide quality of life

Reduce stress in the home

Ensure the best possible health outcomes

How we do it

We connect at-home care with the rest of the care team — from health insurance plans and doctors to care managers — to ensure the best care possible.

Our digital tools allow caregivers and care recipients to share daily insights and observations around the member’s health signs and symptoms. Targeted prompts ensure we proactively gather relevant information.

How we partner

Consider us your support system. With daily inputs about the patient’s health, we become your real-time support for clinical and environmental issues.

Vesta’s clinical team is a phone or video call away.

Our caregiver technology automatically assesses daily inputs to ensure early intervention of worsening symptoms and immediate escalation to the rest of the care team.

Our real-time data, clinical department, and connections to the rest of the care team will provide you the guidance you need.

We’re there when you need us, 24/7.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and services, including our current health plan partners, case studies of how we work with caregivers and families, and platform demos.

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