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Highland Valley Elder Services Partners with Vesta Healthcare, a specialized virtual home-based care provider, to Support Elderly Home Residents

Northampton, Massachusetts – In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Highland Valley Elder Services, an Aging Service Access Point that serves 24 communities in western Massachusetts, has joined with Vesta Healthcare, a pioneer in home-based care to support the needs of older adults with complex needs and chronic conditions and enable them to remain in their home.
This collaboration bridges the gap between community support and medical care, ensuring that elderly residents live and thrive in the comfort of their homes. This new alliance will leverage state-of-the-art virtual care technology to offer personalized management of chronic and complex conditions while coordinating with the community providers supporting this older population, such as primary care, other specialists, and home care providers.
“We recognize the growing needs of our older adult community members and are committed to providing holistic solutions,” said Allan Ouimet, Highland Valley’s CEO. “Our partnership with Vesta Healthcare will empower them with 24/7 immediate, high-quality clinical support while remaining connected to their community.”
Sean Rogers, Vesta Healthcare’s Massachusetts General Manager, commented, “With the expertise of Highland Valley Elder Services in-home and community-based care coordination, and our proficiency in supporting people with chronic and complex conditions at home, we can offer a more robust and integrated solution to coordinated care for older adults living in these communities.”

The partnership aims to:

Improve Health Outcomes: With the ability to wrap around support and timely clinician-led interventions, older adults can expect better access to care managing their chronic and complex conditions, leading to a higher quality of life.
Foster Community Connection: By providing access to 24×7 access, care and support in the home through Vesta’s virtual platform, the older adults Highland Valley serves to remain rooted in their community for as long as possible so they can benefit from local events, community activities, and the excellent community support systems of western Massachusetts.
Empower Healthy Days At Home: The combined resources of both organizations will enable older adults in even the most rural areas to remain safe, healthy, and well-supported in their homes and communities.
This innovative collaboration is set to roll out fully in January 2024. The community and its elderly population that Highland Valley serves can look forward to a future where medical needs and community support go hand in hand, ensuring a fuller, richer life at home.

About Highland Valley Elder Services

Highland Valley is a private, not-for-profit corporation serving twenty-four communities in Hampshire and Hampden Counties of western Massachusetts. They serve older adults and their families through collaboration, education, advocacy, and programs designed to support them where they live.
The agency receives funds from two primary sources: the Administration on Aging (AoA) (federal funds) through its designation as an Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs (EOEA) (state funds) through its designation as a Home Care Corporation/Aging Services Access Point (ASAP). To learn more about Highland Valley Elder Services, visit

About Vesta Healthcare

Vesta Healthcare is an industry-leading healthcare company that provides specialized virtual home-based services designed to support older adults with chronic and complex conditions. Vesta combines its telemedicine medical group with patient and caregiver-centered technology and an integrated network of high-performing community providers, such as home care agencies, home-visiting PCP groups, and community providers to ensure that patients and their caregivers have the support they need to keep them safe and healthy in the home. Vesta Healthcare is headquartered in New York, NY.
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