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Supporting your loved one as a caregiver can be challenging – navigating complicated services, making difficult healthcare decisions, ensuring aides and other caregivers have the right guidance to care for your loved one according to their and your wishes, and more.

Vesta Healthcare’s technology and care programs support you, your loved ones, and other caregivers (both in the home and remote) to help your loved ones remain at home for as long as possible and reduce your stress as a caregiver.

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Reducing Caregiver Stress with 24/7 Clinical Support for Your Loved Ones

Technology, communication, coordination. All designed to make home-based care easier for caregivers and improve outcomes for care recipients.  

Vesta’s services are covered through Medicare and Medicare Supplemental as well as many Medicare Advantage plans, and may be available at low to no cost to you. Vesta works collaboratively with your loved one’s existing Primary Care, Care Managers and other Physicians to more seamlessly coordinate care.    

Advanced Care Planning to ensure your loved one’s wishes for their care are documented and communicated.

Personalized, Home-based, Intervention Planning to help educate your loved ones and caregivers on warning signs and symptoms and proactive steps you can take at home and feel more prepared. 

24/7 Telemedicine Support to speak with our nurses and via phone or video – get answers to questions and concerns, big or small, or support for health issues that occur and help you determine the appropriate course of action.

In-home Remote Patient Monitoring Devices to monitor your loved ones health, including biometric sensors (scales, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, etc.), personal emergency response systems for fall alerts and medical alerts. Vesta monitors the incoming data and a nurse immediately responds to changes in condition. 

Mobile App that can be used by any caregiver and care recipient to share insights and connect with Vesta’s clinical team.

Proactive Care Management and Transitions of Care Support, including proactive engagement with you and your loved ones to update care plans, assess changing health care needs and evaluation of additional escalation pathways that may apply to a program participant’s health condition(s), including after hospitalizations.

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